With our technology, we are building applications to address digital fragmentation in the health sector

Unlocking Healthcare Efficiency
with BeaconOS

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Streamlined Diagnostics Workflow

BeaconOS digitizes patient records, streamlines appointment scheduling, and optimizes diagnostic workflows, enhancing efficiency and accessibility within the healthcare ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating technology into our operations, we ensure a smoother, more efficient experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Enhanced Connectivity

With BeaconOS, we're breaking down barriers and connecting stakeholders within the healthcare system like never before. The platform enables seamless communication and coordination with referring healthcare facilities, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and corporate partners, reducing friction and improving the overall patient experience.

Empowering Expansion

One of the key features of BeaconOS is its ability to catalyze the expansion of our clinic network. Through the BeaconOS affiliate portal, we seamlessly connect with affiliate diagnostic clinics across the country, facilitating patient referrals, managing results, and fostering collaboration. This streamlined process enables us to rapidly expand our healthcare network, ensuring broader access to high-quality diagnostics services for communities across Nigeria.

Innovation Driving Impact

BeaconOS is not just a technology platform; it's a catalyst for change. By leveraging innovation, we're driving tangible impact and improving healthcare outcomes for millions of underserved Nigerians. With BeaconOS, we're not just transforming diagnostics; we're transforming lives.


Olewerk is our clinic operations application meticulously designed to streamline and enhance the core functions of delivering care in our clinics. This platform is the heartbeat of our operations, ensuring seamless patient experiences from check-in to billing and clinical reporting.
A mockup of beaconOS's dashboard
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Patient onboarding & engagement
Referral management
Clinical reporting
Insurance claims processing
Billing & payments


A simple EMR portal that allows partners (Insurers, health facilities and employers) to onboard, track the screening status of, and manage clinical reports for employees they send to our facilities.
A mockup of Beam's dashboard
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Patient onboarding & engagement
User access & management
Clinical reporting
Insurance claims processing
Billing & payments

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