Medverse Logistics focuses on the transportation of clinical specimens with same-day delivery and dispatch.

We provide cost-effective distribution solutions, ensuring samples arrive precisely, in top condition, and on time through our data-driven system.

Services and value offerings

Dedicated Sample Transport
  • Reliable and rapid sample transport for hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.
  • Ensures high-quality handling to protect sample viability.
Flexible Pickup Options
  • Ad-hoc 'on-request' sample pickup for immediate needs.
  • Daily route services for hospitals with large sample volumes.
Laboratory Consumable Delivery
  • Utilizes 'back-haul' for efficient delivery of laboratory consumables.
  • Optimizes resources and reduces costs for healthcare facilities.
Comprehensive Chain of Custody
  • Ensures a full chain of custody for samples during transportation.
  • Provides clear documentation for accurate and timely results.
Specialized Medical Material Handling
  • Trained team and specialized gear for proper handling of medical materials.
  • Addresses the unique requirements of transporting medical samples.
Integration with MDaaS and BeaconHealth
  • Supports sample transport for external customers utilizing MDaaS' laboratory capacity.
  • Facilitates specialized sample processing at BeaconHealth locations.

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