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Case Study

Empowering Women's Health with Access Bank's W Initiative

Partner Organization

Access Bank's W Initiative Access Bank's W Initiative is a pioneering program aimed at empowering women across Nigeria. Through various initiatives, the W Initiative seeks to address gender equality, financial inclusion, and women's health issues.

Issue Area

Breast and cervical cancers are leading causes of cancer-related deaths among Nigerian women, with approximately 23,000 new cases of breast cancer and 14,943 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed annually (World Health Organization). Despite high prevalence, access to screenings is limited, especially in rural areas; only 12.5% of Nigerian women aged 15-49 have been screened for cervical cancer (BMC Public Health). Socioeconomic factors and cultural beliefs create barriers to healthcare access and awareness, contributing to low screening rates.

Partnership Overview

Since 2022, BeaconHealth has collaborated with Access Bank's W Initiative to address these challenges by providing free cervical and breast cancer screenings to women across Lagos. Through this partnership, BeaconHealth leverages its network of medical diagnostic clinics to offer screenings at no cost to the patients, removing financial barriers to healthcare access. Access Bank's W Initiative supports the initiative through awareness campaigns, community outreach, and funding support.


Together, BeaconHealth and Access Bank's W Initiative have conducted over 1,000 free cervical and breast cancer screenings, empowering women with crucial knowledge about their health status and facilitating early detection and treatment. By combining their resources and expertise, the partnership has made significant strides in promoting women's health and well-being in Lagos and beyond.

Future Outlook

Moving forward, BeaconHealth and Access Bank's W Initiative remain committed to expanding their reach and impact, with plans to scale up their efforts to reach more women in underserved communities across Nigeria. By continuing to collaborate, innovate, and advocate for women's health, the partnership aims to contribute to a healthier, more empowered future for women in Nigeria.

Key Metrics

  • Over 1,000 free cervical and breast cancer screenings provided
  • 2 years of partnership

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