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Ventures Platform: Investing in MDaaS

By Kola Aina

· MDaaS in the News

"Nigeria’s rapid population growth and low median age are often touted as positive indicators, but infrastructural development has not kept pace.

Healthcare, for example, often works like the electricity grid; established systems fail, then we sigh, settle to “manage it like that” or find personal workarounds. This is merely an inconvenience for those who can afford it, but most people can’t, and it can mean the difference between life and death.

Last year, a childhood friend had to travel four hours from Abuja to Zaria, sometimes twice a week with his two-month old son who had a hole in his heart. Some days, they would arrive at the hospital in the middle of a power cut. Sometimes, the radiologist would be out of office. No parent should have to endure the emotional and financial strain that experience brought."

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