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FINCA Ventures: Meet the Entrepreneur

By Michael Leen

· MDaaS in the News

"Heavy infectious disease prevalence, a rise in non-communicable diseases and the world’s fastest growing population form the ingredients of an intractable health crisis. These elements come together in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and one that suffers from chronic under-investment in the health care sector. In this interview, we spoke with Oluwasoga (“Soga”) Oni, Genevieve Barnard Oni and Joe McCord, three of the four co-founders of MDaaS Global, to share how this healthtech start-up seeks to provide tech-enabled health care for Africa’s next billion. MDaaS Global builds and operates modern, convenient and affordable diagnostic centers in clinically underserved communities offering imaging, cardiac and lab services to identify health issues earlier and more accurately for effective treatment."

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Photo Credit: FINCA International / Alison Wright

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